How celebrity net worth is influenced by the diverse interests of celebrities

It is almost impossible nowadays to correctly pinpoint the amount of money a celebrity gets by doing his or her thing primarily because they aren’t just limited to it. For example, all the big names of Hollywood don’t just act in movies, they end up producing them too which leads to a sizeable increase in celebrity net worth. In such a scenario, he or she receives the lion’s share of the profits. A recent trend that has emerged among the Hollywood stars is that they don’t just charge for their acting or singing fees, they also demand a percentage of the profits that the movie will go on to gross. However, such agreement signing terms and conditions can only be negotiated by bankable movie stars since their draw and reach at the box office almost always guarantees a good opening weekend.

Singing and revenue generation

Singers generally have tie-ups with music companies for producing singles and albums. Not only do these celebrities get their fees for recording but also a percentage of the money that the album goes on to make. Celebrities also have additional tie-ups with online music platforms like iTunes for exclusivity of release. If celebrities get into such a tie-up then the music available in these sites aren’t free, they are available on paid subscription basis.


celebrity net worth


The age of globalisation has brought in a new age of revenue generation. Celebrities seem to follow a much different model of finance and marketing as compared to their counterparts from recent past.

Apps increase celebrity net worth

A host of celebrities have launched their own apps which entitles their fans to have an up close and personal look into their lives. These apps are diverse in nature and can vary from advising fans about their fashion to showing off their culinary skills and in turn offering a slice of life of these celebrities. As it is obvious, these apps are generally not free.Celebritynetworth.wikiand other such online websites provide information about the net worth of celebrities and how much they earn from various platforms.