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Kathy Hilton is an American actress who is one of the richestcelebrities. He is also a philanthropist and a fashion designer. At present her age is 57 and she was born in NYC, NY. She had a bad childhood as she had to see her parents getting divorced and she decided to live with her mother. Her mom remarried and she had two step sisters. Moreover, she has 5 half siblings on her dad side. She was trained in some private school, where she had her buddy as Michael Jackson. She is the tall girl and has a stylish stature.

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Beauty with brain

She keeps on changing her hair length which changes her fashion and style. She is an attractive person who has an appealing face. She was more charming in her young days but in the present also she has good appearance. She has a nice physique and is considered as hot by her lovers. She has uploaded her hot images on the internet which have been viral. As far as her private life is considered she does not have many boyfriends and also she has no relationship life. She started her company in 80s which contains the antique products and goods. In 2012 she stared party dresses which have become international. Moreover, she has been involved in many of the charity organizations and philanthropic activities.

You can check her more details at Richestcelebrities.wiki and also at the social network pages. She is active at all the social networks like twitter and Facebook. She has many followers on both and she interacts with them on timely basis. Moreover, she uploads her pictures on Instagram so that she can share her images. She is married and has 4 children. She has been popular in the movies like “the dark” and “on the air live with captain”.