Why Should You Move To Self-Hosted WordPress?

Meta description: If you have been using WordPress.com and if you plan to make your blogging as a serious business, you should consider moving to WordPress.org or self-hosted WordPress.

The self-hosted WordPress blogging platform is called as WordPress.org, while the free platform is WordPress.com. If you are decided to take your blogging as a serious business from now on, you should consider moving to a new blogging platform as against your WordPress.com. This is the time to consider whether to continue with the free WordPress.com or to move to the self-hosted WordPress.org. www.blogotechblog.com with experience in this arena, suggests the benefits of moving on to self-hosted WordPress platform.


You own the blog server:

One of the important benefits of moving to self-hosted WordPress is that you will be the owner of your server. This means that you will have complete control over the server. You can store the documents, Medias, website files in your own space. Your computer will act as your server. Even though you will have to make an initial outlay of cash, you will get many benefits like monetization with affiliation and advertisement, flexibility, look, etc.

Custom theme installation:

In self-hosted WP, you can install custom themes, which is not possible in WordPress.com. In addition, when you make the shift from a professional service like blogotechblog.com, you will get full support for theme maintenance. This means that you can get a professional look for your blog. You will agree with me when I say ‘first impression always counts. Isn’t?

Better blog flexibility with WordPress plugins:

As against free platforms, you will get better flexibility in self-hosted blogging platform. You will get the best flexibility to add any number of plugins to your blogs and you can fill it with the best features. For instance, if you wish to add a store to your blog, you can easily do this with the help of plugins.

So, are you ready to move to self-hosted WordPress to get the whole lot of benefits?