3 important Theasomechanics impacting positive app ranking

Theaso or app store optimizationis the most common and highly utilized methods for finding and downloading latest apps. With theincrease in app discovery percent as high as 63% in the present time, ASO is an important element helping to achieve this statistic. Where there are hundreds of apps in various app stores competing for higher rank with each other, ASO is anexcellent tool to push the apps higher in the ranking charts.

There are various factors or specifically be said, mechanics related to ASO. Some of the important components are represented here.

  • Keywords
  • Title
  • Reviews and ratings

Amongst these 3, the initial 2 are considered as key factors whereas the lattercomes in the secondary group.

3 important ASO mechanics


the aso


  1. Keywords

Information about relevant keywords is a must if you want to see your search ranking improved. Keyword selection as per target audience ensures chances of increased ranking of apps in app stores. This is also useful in keeping an eye on your competitors and checking the comparison report every week.

  1. Title

To direct heavy traffic towards your app, proper keyword placement in title is necessary. This makes the searching process easier for people, helping the app rank high and acquiringmore reviews.

  1. Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings are important but controlling them is no doubt tough. However, a reputed ASO company does have certain procedures with which they can make userexperience better, gaining higher ratings.

If you too are thinking to launch an app in the near futureand want it to rank high, you can avail services from quality app store optimizers like theaso.co. Remember that choosing a correct company dealing with all these mechanics of ASO will not only impact the ranking of your app but also reduce the cut-throat competition for you in theapp store.