A few ways celebs spend the money they have

So that they can make more

Many of usersare fascinated by how our favorite celebrity lives their everyday life, from what they do to how they do it. More people are now even more curious about celebrity net worth and how they spend and make money. While this is mainly limited to making money through jobs, they also make money a number of different ways. We will take through a hand full of interesting ones, the ones that really stand out as amazing.


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  1. Restaurant: Many famous celebrities have started their own restaurant that has sometimes gone on to become a chain of restaurants. This is a very popular way to open his or her own side business and is more often done with a partner like a family member.
  2. Alcohol: Many famous celebs have partnered up with many different distilleries to produce their own brand of alcohol. You would be surprised to know which if you favorite brands are actually started by celebs.
  3. Clothing: While this is not a very uncommon one, there are but a few celebs started clothing brands that are still going strong these days. They are also an interesting ways for many celebs to exercise their artistic side.
  4. Tech ventures: with their being a new start up being born every second, a ton of celebs have also dived into the world of start-ups and tech ventures. While they many of them just see it as a way to make money, many of them also provide expertise to help the company get their goal done.
  5. Sports teams: This is left to the wealthiest of celebs, those who have enough money to spend on a sports team or are really passionate about the team. This is one of the most interesting ways a celeb can spend the money they have and has been done by a fair share of them.


So there you go, a few interesting ways that a number of celebrities make money outside their paycheck. For more check out celebritynetworth.wiki